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The Olive Fairy Book includes unusual stories from Turkey, India, Denmark, Armenia, the Sudan, and the pen of Anatole France. Contents: Madschun The Blue Parrot Geirlaug the King's Daughter The Story of Little King Loc 'A Long-Bow Story' Jackal or Tiger? The Comb and the Collar The Thanksgiving of the Wazir Samba the Coward Kupti and Imani The Strange Adventures of Little Maia Diamond Cut Diamond The Green Knight The Five Wise Words of the Guru The Golden-Headed Fish Dorani The Satin Surgeon The Billy Goat and the King The Story of Zoulvisia Grasp All, Lose All The Fate of the Turtle The Snake Prince The Prince and Princess in the Forest The Clever Weaver The Boy Who Found Fear at Last He Wins Who Waits The Steel Cane The Punishment of the Fairy Gangana The Silent Princess

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