The Pack Concept

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Über das eBook

This book presents some amazing new truths about dealing and communicating with dogs based on behavioural biology. Uli Köppel, a pupil of kynologist Eberhard Trumler, focuses on relationship training for the human-dog team in place of exploitative training. To help us understand the special relationship between humans and dogs, he traces back its origins and discovers the dog as he was meant to be. Through the concept of pack behaviour, he explains that species-appropriate dog training should involve a responsible emotional relationship. This will provide the basis for a successful human-dog relationship.

Über den Autor

Uli Köppel is a dog trainer and kynologist. As a long-standing friend and pupil of the renowned dog behaviourist Eberhard Trumler, he has developed the concept of pack behaviour based on Trumler's research. Uli Köppel gives presentations and seminars at home and abroad.

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