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Andrew Lang's 'The Homeric Hymns' provides readers with a profound exploration of the ancient Greek hymns attributed to Homer. Lang delves into the rich literary context of these hymns, offering insightful commentary on their themes of devotion, mythology, and the divine. Through his meticulous analysis, Lang highlights the enduring significance of these poems in the study of classical literature. His scholarly approach and keen attention to detail make this book a valuable resource for students and enthusiasts of Greek mythology and poetry. Lang's engaging writing style seamlessly integrates historical context with literary analysis, making 'The Homeric Hymns' both educational and captivating. This book serves as a testament to Lang's expertise in classical literature and his passion for preserving and interpreting ancient texts. Readers interested in delving into the world of ancient Greek poetry will find Lang's work to be a rewarding and enlightening read.

Über den Autor

Andrew Lang (1844–1912) was a Scottish writer, poet, critic, and contributor to the field of anthropology. He is arguably most recognized for his work as a collector and publisher of folk and fairy tales. Lang's educational background in the Classics is reflected in his scholarly work, 'The Homeric Hymns' — a rich collection of ancient Greek hymns celebrating individual gods. These were initially attributed to Homer, though later scholarship has deemed them the product not of a single author but of a poetic tradition. Lang's literary style is characterized by his careful, yet accessible translation of such works, and his ability to render ancient texts with both scholarly accuracy and a touch of Victorian fluency (Lang, A. 'The Homeric Hymns', 1899). His efforts contributed significantly to the popularization of myth and folklore during his time. Lang's extensive body of work also includes literary criticism, history, and books for children, among which his Fairy Books series remain widely beloved. Through his writings, Lang displayed an enduring passion for mythological narratives and their cultural significance. His influence persists in the fields of folkloristics and the study of mythology, evidencing his role as a prominent figure in the literary and anthropological landscapes of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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