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'Midnight in Beauchamp Row' is a romance novel written by Anna Katharine Greene. It follows the life of Ned Chivers, who lived in a house in Beauchamp Row with his six months' married bride, and as he was both a busy fellow and a gay one there were many evenings when pretty Letty Chivers sat alone until near midnight. She was of an uncomplaining spirit, however, and said little, though there were times when both the day and evening seemed very long and married life was not altogether the paradise she had expected. On this evening—a memorable evening for her, the twenty-fourth of December, 1894—she had expected her husband to remain with her, for it was not only Christmas eve, but the night when, as manager of a large manufacturing concern, he brought up from New York the money with which to pay off the men on the next working day, and he never left her when there was any unusual amount of money in the house. But from the first glimpse she had of him coming up the road she knew she was to be disappointed in this hope, and, indignant, alarmed almost, at the prospect of a lonesome evening under these circumstances, she ran hastily down to the gate to meet him, crying.

Über den Autor

Anna Katharine Green (1846–1935) was a pioneering figure in the American detective fiction genre, predating Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work featuring the iconic Sherlock Holmes. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Green's foray into literature was initially met with obstacles, as her early poetry failed to garner the recognition she sought. Undeterred, she shifted her focus to mystery novels, a decision that would earn her the moniker 'The Mother of the Detective Novel.' Her debut novel, 'The Leavenworth Case' (1878), received critical acclaim and was admired for its intricate plotting and legal accuracy, thanks in part to her lawyer father's influence. Green's literary style is characterized by her attention to detail, psychological depth, and strong female characters, which was unusual for the time. 'Midnight In Beauchamp Row' is another testament to her skillful storytelling and adept use of suspense. Green's work had a substantial influence on the genre, inspiring future writers to develop complex detective narratives. Throughout her career, she published over 40 novels and numerous short stories, solidifying her legacy as a trailblazer in detective fiction and an important figure in American literature.

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