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In 'The Lilac Fairy Book,' the esteemed folklorist Andrew Lang presents a further collection for the young and the young at heart, as part of his highly acclaimed Rainbow Fairy Book series. Delicately reproduced by DigiCat Publishing in both print and ebook formats, this volume holds within its pages a cornucopia of tales from various traditions, masterfully curated to continue the legacy of global folk literature. Lang's compilation here showcases his distinctive literary style, weaving narrative threads with an archaic charm that echoes the storytelling ethos of bygone eras. Preserving cultural heritage, this edition is crafted adhering to a standard that honors the texts as timeless ciphers of humanity's collective imagination. Amidst the literary context of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Lang's work illumines the path for modern readers back to the enchanting worlds of myth and fairy tale.

Andrew Lang was a polymathic figure, lauded for his academic, literary, and anthropological pursuits. A preeminent scholar of his time, his influence extended far beyond these poems and tales, touching the fields of classics, history, and mythology. It was Lang's fervent belief in the educational and cultural value of folklore that led him to compile the Fairy Books, of which 'The Lilac Fairy Book' is a shining example. This particular tome, rich with narratives drawn from lesser-known sources, mirrors the depth of Lang's erudite exploration into the vast terrain of global traditions. His passion for these stories, born out of a desire to preserve and promulgate them as part of the canon of world literature, resonates through every paragraph.

Scholars and lovers of folklore alike will find much to revere in 'The Lilac Fairy Book.' This collection invites readers to traverse the realms of fantasy, imbuing the modern mind with the wonders of ancient lore. DigiCat Publishing's diligent work ensures that Andrew Lang's legacy, ably serving as a bridge between past and present, is introduced to a new generation who can appreciate the majesty of these tales. Through the pages of this book, one is reminded of the enduring power of storytelling, and the importance of keeping such narratives alive in the collective consciousness. As such, this edition is warmly recommended not only as a touchstone of cultural enlightenment, but also as a source of sheer delight for anyone eager to be spellbound by the magic of time-honored tales.

Über den Autor

Andrew Lang (1844–1912) was a Scottish poet, novelist, literary critic, and contributor to the field of anthropology. He is most widely recognized for his colorful fairy tale collections, which have captivated children and adults alike. Born in Selkirk, Lang initially pursued an academic career, studying at the University of St. Andrews and later at Balliol College, Oxford. However, his love for folklore and storytelling soon became the primary focus of his writings. Lang's work in folklore and anthropology was notable; he pioneered a comparative approach to the study of myths and legends, seeking connections between the folk tales of diverse cultures.

Among his most enduring contributions to literature is his series of fairy books, each named after a different color, which includes 'The Lilac Fairy Book' published in 1910. This anthology, similar to its companion volumes, contains a compilation of fairy tales from various countries and cultures, meticulously curated and adapted by Lang to enchant and educate his readers. His literary style is marked by a clear, direct prose that brings these traditional stories to life for contemporary audiences. Lang's dedication to broadening literary horizons is evident in his commitment to the preservation and dissemination of global folklore, a legacy that continues to resonate in the literary world today.

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