"Yeah, I am the rich black man from New York in Africa: Johnny Fuck Me Walker"

eBook: "Yeah, I am the rich black man from New York in Africa: Johnny Fuck Me Walker"


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Johnny Fuck Me Walker pretends to be a rich Afro-American from New York, who has met Obama and Beyoncé. He only speaks English, to make his story believable and his best friend Roger translates – not very precisely. Johnny tries his hand at being a marriage swindler and fools Anzehma, a young girl he's met on the internet, into believing he is the love of her life. With borrowed money he presents her and her whole village the luxurious lifestyle of the rich, which convinces everyone he really is a rich Afro-American who has come to save them all from poverty. Johnny and Anzehma stay in the fanciest hotels in town, they go out for dinner to the finest restaurants and he generously provides her with lots of cash. He promises to marry her and to take her to America.
Additionally, being one of Obama's good friends, he wants to help all of the villagers to an entry visa to America. All they have to do is pay a small amount for their own ticket.
The wedding is all planned when Johnny's money is "stolen" all of the sudden – so Anzehma and everyone else scrambles to pool the money to help Johnny out: All in all about 350 000€ that Johnny uses to keep playing the rich guy and throw a huge party for the whole village.
Johnny Fuck Me Walker and Roger's plan seems to play out perfectly. They're about to disappear with the rest of the money – when a minor police officer gets suspicious and starts to investigate Johnny and Roger. Will he be able to cross their plan before it is too late?

Über den Autor

Stress, burnout, spirituality, body, family and love – these are just some areas in which author and coach Dantse Dantse has been able to successfully position himself over the past years. Born and raised in Cameroon he can combine African and European ways of thinking, surprising people with refreshing new perspectives. His unconventional methods make him popular with celebrities and your average Jane or Joe alike. At the suggestion of several of his clients who were delighted and thrilled by

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