8 Steps to Forever After

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Most dream of it, many try, quite a few fail and yet they all want it. A happy and long-lasting relationship. Why do some succeed and others not? We all want to have a happy and harmonious love relationship. But in every relationship there are crises and difficult phases that are exhausting, frustrating and even tormenting.
In these moments we often do not know how to behave appropriately. In addition, we often do not understand why the whole mess is happening.
What are the secrets of a harmonious partnership? Love? Sex? Habit? Or just the right thought patterns in the right situation.
Antonio Cipriani presents what psychology, partner therapists, medicine and behavioral research have found out about long-term partnerships in this amusing and interesting guide. Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult for many people over thirty to find a partner? Maybe they're looking at the wrong things when it comes to potential partners.
Many people are torn between the longing for love and the need to be independent and free. This psychological conflict leads to their relationships failing again and again or even not developing at all. Or do you want to save your almost failed relationship? You can't do that just by reading a book. However, targeted food for thought or rethinking can resolve failed situations and initiate the necessary dialogue between the cramped partners. Plus, in this book, you can learn the whole truth about women, men, and relationships straightforward and blunt.
In this book you can learn how to properly satisfy a woman and what a man would like to have in bed.
Spiegel readers say: -You want more Sex? Then read the book!-

Über den Autor

Antonio Cipriani was born in Nuremberg, grew up mostly abroad and studied Business Administration / MBA in Nuremberg Germany. After graduating and working as an independent businessman, he worked for many years in show business as a dancer for musicals, choreographer and actor. For many projects he is still active today, albeit only in the backround or in the planning. Writing and compose was always his great passion and vocation. The author continues to write various journals, projects or works as a active freelancer active.

Publishing books by Antonio Cipriani are:
Title: "Das Geräusch des Windes" in German.
Title: "The Sound of the Wind"
Title: "8 Schritte zur Hochzeit"
Title: "8 Steps to Forever After"

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