The Master Criminal - Ultimate Crime Collection

eBook: The Master Criminal - Ultimate Crime Collection

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DigiCat Publishing presents to you a collection of the greatest Fred M. White thrillers: The Crimson Blind_x000D_ The Cardinal Moth_x000D_ The Corner House_x000D_ The Ends of Justice_x000D_ The House of Schemers_x000D_ The Lord of the Manor_x000D_ The Slave of Silence_x000D_ The Yellow Face_x000D_ The Nether Millstone_x000D_ The Midnight Guest_x000D_ A Fatal Dose_x000D_ The Five Knots_x000D_ The Edge of the Sword_x000D_ The Lonely Bride_x000D_ Craven Fortune_x000D_ The Law of the Land_x000D_ The Mystery of the Four Fingers_x000D_ A Golden Argosy_x000D_ By Order of the League_x000D_ A Daughter of Israel_x000D_ Tregarthen's Wife_x000D_ Blackmail_x000D_ The Weight of the Crown_x000D_ A Shadowed Love_x000D_ The Sundial_x000D_ Netta_x000D_ A Queen of the Stage_x000D_ The Scales of Justice_x000D_ A Crime on Canvas_x000D_ The Golden Rose_x000D_ Paul Quentin_x000D_ A Front of Brass_x000D_ Hard Pressed_x000D_ The White Glove_x000D_ A Mummer's Throne_x000D_ The Secret of the Sands_x000D_ The Man Called Gilray_x000D_ The House of Mammon_x000D_ A Royal Wrong_x000D_ A Secret Service_x000D_ The Sentence of the Court_x000D_ Powers of Darkness_x000D_ The Mystery of the Ravenspurs_x000D_ The Day_x000D_ Ambition's Slave_x000D_ The Salt of the Earth_x000D_ The Lady in Blue_x000D_ The Case for the Crown_x000D_ The Wings of Victory_x000D_ The Leopard's Spots_x000D_ The Honour of His House_x000D_ The Man who was Two_x000D_ The Mystery of Room 75_x000D_ The Councillors of Falconhoe_x000D_ The Mystery of Crocksands_x000D_ The Turn of the Tide_x000D_ The Green Bungalow_x000D_ The Devil's Advocate_x000D_ The Golden Bat_x000D_ The Price of Silence_x000D_ The House on the River_x000D_ The Shadow of the Dead Hand_x000D_ The King Diamond_x000D_ The Riddle of the Rail_x000D_ The Grey Woman_x000D_ Queen of Hearts_x000D_ On The Night Express_x000D_ The Phantom Car_x000D_ A Clue in Wax_x000D_ Found Dead_x000D_ The Man Who Knew_x000D_ A Broken Memory_x000D_ Secret of the River_x000D_ The Blue Daffodil_x000D_ The Master Criminal (True Crime Tales)_x000D_ The Romance of the Secret Service Fund…_x000D_ Frederick White (1859–1935), mostly known for mysteries, is considered also as one of the pioneers of the spy story._x000D_

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