Lucy Maud Montgomery: Collected Works

eBook: Lucy Maud Montgomery: Collected Works

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This unique and meticulously edited collection of Lucy Maud Montgomery's greatest works includes: Anne of Green Gables Series:_x000D_ Anne of Green Gables_x000D_ Anne of Avonlea_x000D_ Anne of the Island_x000D_ Anne of Windy Poplars_x000D_ Anne's House of Dreams_x000D_ Anne of Ingleside_x000D_ Rainbow Valley_x000D_ Rilla of Ingleside_x000D_ Emily Starr Trilogy:_x000D_ Emily of New Moon_x000D_ Emily Climbs_x000D_ Emily's Quest_x000D_ The Story Girl Series_x000D_ The Story Girl_x000D_ The Golden Road_x000D_ Pat of Silver Bush Series_x000D_ Pat of Silver Bush_x000D_ Mistress Pat_x000D_ Other Novels_x000D_ Kilmeny of the Orchard_x000D_ The Blue Castle_x000D_ Magic for Marigold_x000D_ A Tangled Web_x000D_ Jane of Lantern Hill_x000D_ Short Stories:_x000D_ Chronicles of Avonlea_x000D_ The Hurrying of Ludovic_x000D_ Old Lady Lloyd_x000D_ Each in His Own Tongue_x000D_ Little Joscelyn_x000D_ The Winning of Lucinda_x000D_ Old Man Shaw's Girl_x000D_ Aunt Olivia's Beau_x000D_ Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's_x000D_ Pa Sloane's Purchase_x000D_ The Courting of Prissy Strong_x000D_ The Miracle at Carmody_x000D_ The End of a Quarrel_x000D_ Further Chronicles of Avonlea_x000D_ Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat_x000D_ The Materializing of Cecil_x000D_ Her Father's Daughter_x000D_ Jane's Baby_x000D_ The Dream-Child_x000D_ The Brother Who Failed_x000D_ The Return of Hester_x000D_ The Little Brown Book of Miss Emily_x000D_ Sara's Way_x000D_ The Son of his Mother_x000D_ The Education of Betty_x000D_ In Her Selfless Mood_x000D_ The Conscience Case of David Bell_x000D_ Only a Common Fellow_x000D_ Tannis of the Flats…_x000D_ Poetry_x000D_ Collected Letters_x000D_ Autobiography:_x000D_ The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career

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