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The author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, created another and better-known representative of Canadian girlhood in "Anne of Green Gables" and all the subsequent Anne books, but Emily was closer to her own heart. Like Anne, Emily is a strong-minded, gifted, imaginative child, left alone and unprotected in a harsh world, who is taken in by adults who are at least initially cold and unloving. Both girls grow up amid the beauties of Prince Edward Island, both keenly sensitive to natural splendors and highly fanciful, not to say occasionally precious, about assigning names to lakes and trees and identifying spirits and fairies in their surroundings. Anne is an original and spunky girl, with a certain amount of talent for writing verses and romantic tales, but Emily is a writer._x000D_ _x000D_ In the celebrated Emily trilogy, of which Emily of New Moon is the first volume, Montgomery draws a more realistic portrait of a young girl's life on Prince Edward Island. The twin threads of bright and dark, love and cruelty, hope and despair intertwine in a pattern as significant as it is enduring._x000D_ _x000D_ In the second volume, Emily Climbs, Lucy Maud Montgomery traces the often stormy course of Emily Starr's life as she moves from the world of childhood into that of school and adolescence._x000D_ _x000D_ Emily's Quest is the last of the Emily trilogy. After finishing Emily Climbs, Montgomery suspended writing Emily's Quest and published The Blue Castle; she resumed writing and published in 1927._x000D_ _x000D_ Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874 - 1942), was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables. Montgomery went on to publish 20 novels as well as 530 short stories, 500 poems, and 30 essays.

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Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874–1942) stands as one of Canada's most enduringly popular authors, whose works have charmed readers worldwide with their earnestness, wholesome values, and vivid characterizations. Born on Prince Edward Island, her upbringing amidst its pastoral beauty profoundly influenced her writing. Montgomery's literary career was propelled to international acclaim with the publication of 'Anne of Green Gables' in 1908, a book that has since become a classic in children's literature and undergone numerous adaptations. The pastoral landscapes and communities of Prince Edward Island serve as a backdrop to much of her work, providing a canvas for her to explore themes of belonging, imagination, and resilience. Her 'Emily Starr Trilogy,' comprising 'Emily of New Moon,' 'Emily Climbs,' and 'Emily's Quest,' continues this tradition. Across this series, readers follow the titular Emily through childhood and early adulthood's trials and triumphs, reflecting Montgomery's own life experiences and personal aspirations as a writer. Her literary style is marked by rich descriptions, a keen sense of place, and characters who, though products of their time, inspire with their aspirational qualities. Despite grappling with personal hardships and mental health challenges, Montgomery's prodigious output included 20 novels, numerous short stories, poems, and an autobiography. Her work remains seminal, not only for its contribution to Canadian literature but also for its enduring thematic resonance and portrayal of indomitable female protagonists.

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