The Complete Short Stories

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This unique and meticulously edited collection of William Dean Howells's greatest short stories includes: Christmas Every Day_x000D_ Turkeys Turning the Tables_x000D_ The Pony Engine and the Pacific Express_x000D_ The Pumpkin Glory_x000D_ Butterflyfutterby and Flutterbybutterfly_x000D_ Adventures in a Boy's Town_x000D_ Life in a Boy's Town_x000D_ Games and Pastimes_x000D_ Glimpses of the Larger World_x000D_ The Last of a Boy's Town_x000D_ A Sleep and a Forgetting_x000D_ The Eidolons of Brooks Alford_x000D_ A Memory that Worked Overtime_x000D_ A Case of Metaphantasmia_x000D_ Editha_x000D_ Braybridge's Offer_x000D_ The Chick of the Easter Egg_x000D_ A Daughter of the Storage_x000D_ A Presentiment_x000D_ Captain Dunlevy's Last Trip_x000D_ The Return to Favor_x000D_ Somebody's Mother_x000D_ The Face at the Window_x000D_ An Experience_x000D_ The Boarders_x000D_ Breakfast is My Best Meal_x000D_ The Mother-Bird_x000D_ The Amigo_x000D_ Black Cross Farm_x000D_ The Critical Bookstore_x000D_ A Feast of Reason_x000D_ City and Country in the Fall_x000D_ Table Talk_x000D_ The Escapade of a Grandfather_x000D_ Self-Sacrifice_x000D_ A Fearful Responsibility_x000D_ At the Sign of the Savage_x000D_ Tonelli's Marriage_x000D_ Buying a Horse_x000D_ Reminiscences and Autobiography_x000D_ A Boy's Town_x000D_ Years of My Youth

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