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The Thirty Years War – Complete is a war historiography by Friedrich Schiller. It chronicles the European political struggles that led to- and describes these multinational wars that were later called the thirty years war.

Über den Autor

Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller (1759–1805) was a towering figure in German literature, an eminent playwright, poet, and historian known for his profound influence on the development of German classical literature. Born in Marbach, Württemberg, Schiller displayed an early penchant for literature, which eventually led him to become an iconic figure of the German Enlightenment. His historical works reflect a meticulous understanding of the European political landscape, with a particular emphasis on moral and philosophical commentary. 'The Thirty Years War — Complete' is a testament to Schiller's mastery as a historian, providing an in-depth account of one of Europe's most devastating conflicts. This work combines a rigorous treatment of historical events with the humanistic and philosophical inquiry that characterizes Schiller's literary style. Schiller is also renowned for his dramatic compositions, including timeless plays like 'The Robbers,' 'Don Carlos,' and 'William Tell,' which have cemented his reputation as a playwright concerned with themes of freedom, individuality, and the ethical struggle. Posthumously, his body of work and his theoretical writings have continued to shape German literature and philosophy. Schiller's friendship and intellectual partnership with Goethe, another giant of German literature, contributed to a period deemed the Weimar Classicism, which celebrates the human spirit's autonomy and potential for artistic beauty.

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