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eBook: Visualisation – Presentation – Facilitation

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Über das eBook

Visualisation, Presentation and Facilitation are working methods that play an increasingly important role in professional everyday life. This was the case in 1989, when this book was first published, and is more relevant now than ever. Since the first edition the author has revised this book numerous times. He has expanded and “modernised” this edition so that the best seller once again sets the benchmark in regard to content and design.

The reader learns how he can skillfully visualise facts, properly prepare and confidently give presentations, effectively chair a meeting, facilitate teams and groups results-oriented, and successfully organise workshops.

The book also provides the reader with proven methods, tips and techniques for communicating information understandably and vividly. The focus is always on the “how” – giving the reader concrete suggestions for practical use. With its clarity and structure this book is probably unsurpassed until this day.

Über den Autor

Josef W. Seifert is an expert on business facilitation. He is founder, partner and managing director of the renowned consulting and training company MODERATIO® in Pörnbach/Bavaria and author of numerous books on the subject of facilitation.

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