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Über das eBook

This unique practice book elaborates in depth the Gurdjieff method and ways for a creative and harmonious training of body, soul, and spirit. This book informs intelligible about all aspects of the method. This can help to train one's perception and insight. An introduction to the teachings of Gurdjieff, his "sacred dances" also called "movements", and the famous symbol of the Enneagram complete the book.
The exercises shown are build up modular, so that the development of consciousness can unfold harmonically. The experiences won by this process can contribute to a creative way of life for oneself and to the well-being of all other human beings.

Über den Autor

Bruno Martin, born 1946, was a pupil of the late British mathematician, philosopher and life trainer John G. Bennett (1897-1974), who taught the Gurdjieff method. Bruno Martin teaches the method since 50 years in his seminars. His work with Eastern wisdom teachings and Western consciousness expanding techniques let him to his own understanding of the way of transformation. He wrote many books about Gurdjieff and other ways of perception of nature and the spiritual worlds - always in a practical way. His website: (German)

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