Crumby and his friends in Vienna

eBook: Crumby and his friends in Vienna

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Über das eBook

Crumby and his friends take a trip to Austria, to the beautiful city of Vienna.
They explore old buildings, a school and must solve a very delicate case as super detectives. Be curious what else happens.

Über den Autor

Bettina Lippenberger is born in Ravensburg, she lives now in Stuttgart and discovered early her love for books. She started to write 15 years ago. Today, she looks back to a number of publications in which she was involved as a co-author.
2013, her first book was published. “Krümelchen und seine Freunde entdecken die Welt!" ("Crumby and his friends discover the world!") has found its place at "Traumstunden Verlag Essen".
2014, she published “Die Reise der Bücher” ("The journey of the books") with Ruth M. Fuchs and Karin Pfolz at Karina-Verlag. "Crumby and his friends in Vienna" is a unique special edition, whose entire author's fee is used to support the “children victims of violence aid”.

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