The Giaour — A Fragment of a Turkish Tale

eBook: The Giaour — A Fragment of a Turkish Tale

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"Giaour" is an insulting Turkish term meaning infidel or non-believer that is related but not the same as the Arabic word "kafir." It is Byron's sole fragmented narrative poem, subtitled "A Fragment of a Turkish Tale." Byron created the narrative with three narrators, each with their unique take on the events. In vengeance, the giaour murders Hassan and then enters the convent in sorrow. The story's structure provides for a comparison of Christian and Muslim perspectives on love, death, and life after death. Lord Byron's poem The Giaour was initially published by John Murray and printed by Thomas Davison. It was the first in Lord Byron's series of Oriental romances. When Giaour was released, it proved a major hit, solidifying Byron's name both critically and economically.

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