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Bee venom and bee byproducts have long been known in ancient halls of medicine as beneficial and almost miraculous in their properties - a fact that modern science seems to be finally understanding, and researching.

Studies focused on this amazing venom are dominating many journals and minds, adding backing and a steady voice to what those in the natural world have always known; bee venom works, and it works for many, many conditions.

Known under many names, bee venom can be used to treat numerous conditions, including; allergies, hypotension, Reynaud's disease, menstrual cramps, asthma, hair loss, scars, warts, shingles and so much more.

The list is almost endless and the benefits astounding. This book explains all there is to know about bee venom, where to find it, how to use, what to use it for, when you should use it, when you shouldn't, common questions, common concerns and even when using bee venom may make certain conditions more problematic.

If you have a questions, this book covers it, in easy to understand, down to earth language with verifiable facts and information. Bee venom may be the miracle you have been searching for.

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