Flying with Shamans in Fairy Tales and Myths

eBook: Flying with Shamans in Fairy Tales and Myths

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Full of exciting journeys through the shamanic worlds of many different cultures, Flying with Shamans in Fairy Tales and Myths is enchanting as well as instructive. In addition to an introduction to the world's shamanic beliefs, Nana Nauwald provides background information about the culture from which each fable comes. On this enchanting flight with the shamans, you'll learn about the three worlds, the world tree that connects them all, and the magical shape-shifting and healing powers of the she- and he-shaman. You'll journey through ancient Europe, Siberia, Japan, North and South America, discovering how the magic of human imagination conjures images that people in widely separate parts of the world hold in common.
Fairy tales and myths until today are carrier of information about the knowledge of the interrelation of all life. By reading the reader is creating the world and happenings anew in her or his mind. In this book many "stars" contained in the rich pot of shamanic cultures are sparkling for you!

Über den Autor

Nana Nauwald,
born 1947, is an visual artist, author, and since 33 years researcher of shamanic worlds in Peru, Columbia, Chile, Brasil, Nepal, and Siberia. Her published books include Ecstatic Trance - The Workbook, several books about perception and shamanic conciousness rituals, and several novels.
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