Work-based learning around the mare balticum

eBook: Work-based learning around the mare balticum

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At the 10th Hanseatic Conference 2015 in Hamburg, representatives from business organisations, academic institutions and policy makers from all countries around the Baltic Sea exchanged their experiences. This book contains the presented papers and a summary of the participants’ discussion.
Vocational training has dramatically lost its appeal. More and more young people rather opt for study programmes at the university, and refuse to learn practical skills in vocational education. However, the qualifications of the high number of academics do not match the demand of SMEs for skilled workers and entrepreneurs, as their knowledge is mostly theoretical. At the same, due to demographic changes, the number of school leavers in the Baltic Sea Region is declining. Both developments have led to a dramatic shortage of skilled workers and entrepreneurs which is severely limiting growth and innovativeness of SMEs.
In order to overcome this crisis, dual vocational training and dual degree study programmes have to be promoted substantially. In dual vocational training enterprises can actively influence and improve the quality of the education their apprentices receive; and in dual degree study programmes students can test and apply their theoretical knowledge, which they acquire at the university, simultaneously in the enterprises.
The contributors of this book describe how this reform of education policy can be implemented in practice.

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