A bitch with principles

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Paula was a wife in her mid-40s whose children were studying in foreign cities and who came home for a short time every month. She now finally had the time at her own disposal, which had been missed so much before. Her husband had a well-paid job, so that she lacked nothing, and she was able to be active in the garden and for some weeks in the gym.

She hadn't paid attention to the calorie chart lately, and the result was mercilessly shown to her on the scale. For her husband, these pounds were perfectly correct, because compared to other women, she had a wasp waist, and the extra pounds were not distributed on the belly as usual, but modelled the bottom and thighs in her favour.

For a woman who was 1.70m tall, these curves were very effective and had a very positive effect on her appearance. No wonder that when looking at these curves, which were accentuated even more by the narrow waist, some men's eyes unintentionally stayed a bit longer on this part of the body, and as if by magic a certain part of it moved uncontrolled and came to life. It actually only disturbed the consistency of the buttocks and thighs, which she would have liked to have been firmer.

So she squeezed herself into tight leggings three times a week, in order to get the problem zones into the substance in the studio. For some time now, a stranger, who was very often in her vicinity, has been pestering her, and whenever he felt unobserved, he assessed her body and stuck to her bottom with big nursing eyes. The stranger was about 1.90 m tall, had black hair and a very well-trained body. This imposing appearance of man had struck her immediately, and she had tried to imagine her husband with such a body several times.

Über den Autor

But now for my real character. My name is Laetitia Guivarché. I was born in 1988, the daughter of a Frenchman and a German mother. Since my childhood I have written stories of all kinds. The older I got, the stronger my desire to write erotic stories became. And that's what I do now.

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