The Complete „Anne of Green Gables” Series

eBook: The Complete „Anne of Green Gables” Series

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One of the most famous novels of the Canadian writer Lucy Mod Montgomery. A single brother and sister living on a farm decide to adopt a boy from a shelter in Nova Scotia so that he becomes an au pair. But due to a misunderstanding, on the island of Prince Edward, eleven-year-old Anne, a tireless inventor and a cheerful seeker of adventures, who will forever change their lives, falls. The multibook includes the most read novels of the author, such as: „Anne of Green Gables”, „Anne of Avonlea”, „Anne of the Island”, „Anne of Windy Poplars”, „Anne’s House of Dreams”, „Anne of Ingleside”, „Rainbow Valley”, „Rilla of Ingleside”, „Chronicles of Avonlea”, „Further Chronicles of Avonlea”.

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