Too Deep In With The Auditor

eBook: Too Deep In With The Auditor

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Über das eBook

Martin Muller is an Audit Manager working with one of the big auditing firms. On a newly assigned auditing engagement, he is challenged by fulfilling the demands of his boss as well as coping with deadlines. And then there is the attractive mid-forty female CEO of the small regional bank he is auditing this week. As the door of the vault of the bank closes unexpectedly and both of them are locked in it gets hot down there...

Über den Autor

Marina Peters is an Audit Director working part-time for one of the big auditing companies. She loves auditing and she loves writing. In her spare time, she combines both her passions. During her more than 20 years in auditing, she learned that this profession is far from being boring. Marina has two small children and a husband.


mpdancing Avatar

Short, sexy read

A lot is going on in this short, sexy read. Liked the main characters and hope for the next part!

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