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This is the coming of age story of a young sculptor named Sarrasine and the choices he will face on his journey towards his destiny. We follow Sarrasine as he travels from France to Italy to search for his passion and find the love of his life. The story of Sarrasine is intertwined with that of the beautiful La Zambinella, and Italian singer with whom the young sculptor will fall madly, deeply in love with. From that moment, he was no longer the owner of his thoughts. However, La Zambinella has a secret that Sarrasine has no idea of and would no doubt shake him to his very core. This shocking tale of fate and love is one of the first to truly ground the genre into realism and adds in the dark and sometimes painful truth that is prevalent in real life. „Sarrasine”, written by legendary author Honoré de Balzac is widely considered to be one of the greatest books of all time.

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