The Regent’s Daughter

eBook: The Regent’s Daughter

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Philippe d’Orléans, regent of France, although having a hard time with his two daughters and a son, wants to take care of another young girl, his illegitimate and hidden daughter, Helene de Chaverny, raised in a convent as an orphan. Helene, who ignores his parentage, is in love with Chevalier Gaston de Chanley, a conspirator who has sworn an oath to a cabal of plotting Bretons to murder their enemy, the prince regent Philippe Duc D’Orleans. Young lovers, eager to get married, head towards the Paris unaware of the dramatic tangle that is played around them. A sequel to „The Conspirators”, this thrilling romantic adventure is reminiscent of Dumas’s seminal „Three Musketeers” saga, and will not disappoint those looking for an exciting tale of adventure, romance, royalty, intrigue, misfortune, and love.

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