King Lear by William Shakespeare (Book Analysis)

eBook: King Lear by William Shakespeare (Book Analysis)

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This engaging summary presents an analysis of
<i>King Lear</i> by William Shakespeare, a tragic tale about the consequences of betrayal and ambition. The titular character, King Lear, makes the mistake of dividing his entire kingdom between his scheming elder daughters, Goneril and Regan, who are actively plotting against him, while disinheriting his loyal youngest daughter, Cordelia. Stripped of power and rapidly descending into madness, Lear is left to wander the barren heath with only his Fool for company, while the country he once ruled tears itself apart in a bloody civil war.
<i>King Lear</i> is generally recognised as Shakespeare’s most nihilistic work, but has also been hailed as his greatest tragedy, and has been performed consistently since it was first written in the early 17th century.

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