Spiritual Protection in Everyday Life

eBook: Spiritual Protection in Everyday Life

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Über das eBook

Today we are being confronted with many different energies and powers which are continually assailing us. Sometimes this can become quite overwhelming! But we can always decide which energies we allow to come in close contact with us. In this book Susanne Hühn presents the basic tools which help us to master many everyday life situations. 16 approved small exercises about mental protection and cleansing support us in strengthening the inner source so that we can preserve our vital energy. Let positive and fulfilling energies enrich your life while guarding yourself from heavy and dark powers.

Über den Autor

Susanne Hühn is a trained life coach, a holistic physiotherapist and a successful author of spiritual selfhelp books and novels. Since 1986 she has accompanied people in their recovery and began to write about her work in 1992. Her numerous books and CDs are among Schirner’s bestselling titles. Furthermore, she conveys her knowledge in talks and seminars in Germany and abroad. For more information please visit: www.susannehuehn.de

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