The Triumph of Death

eBook: The Triumph of Death

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When she perceived a group of men leaning against the parapet and looking down into the street below, Hippolyte stopped and exclaimed: "What has happened?"
With a slight gesture, betraying fear, she placed her hand involuntarily on George's arm as if to restrain him.
After watching the men a moment George said: "Someone must have leaped from off the terrace." Then he added: "Shall we turn back?"
She hesitated a few moments, wavering between curiosity and fear, and then replied: "No. Let's see what it is."
They advanced along the parapet as far as the end of the walk.
Unconsciously, Hippolyte accelerated her pace towards the small crowd that had gathered.
On this March afternoon the Pincio was almost deserted. Occasional sounds died away in the gray and heavy atmosphere.
"That's what it is," said George. "Someone has killed himself."

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