Room Number 3 and Other Detective Stories

eBook: Room Number 3 and Other Detective Stories

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A beautiful young woman is interviewed by Coroner Golden and new Deputy sheriff Mr. Hammersmith. Her mother has been found dead in the nearby forest but the woman alleges they both rented rooms in Three Forks Tavern. The landlord Mr. Quimby deny her story. She describes the room her mother was in but a search reveals no room that matches it. But the sheriff believes her and he insists on staying in the tavern overnight while the coroner goes to collect his jury. He has a vague recollection of more than a few odd happenings at this very tavern. This collection brings together a diverse array of Green’s mystery and detective stories. It includes: „Midnight in Beauchamp Row”, „The Ruby and the Caldron”, „The Little Steel Coils”, „The Staircase at Heart’s Delight” and more.

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