The Winning of the West (Complete Edition)

eBook: The Winning of the West (Complete Edition)

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This four-volume edition by one of the most admired Presidents of the United States thoroughly explains the historical process of the conquest of the American West and how the Americans fought Indian tribes, British, French, and Spanish troops to become the greatest power of the world.
From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi 1769-1776
The Spread of the English-speaking Peoples
The French of the Ohio Valley
The Appalachian Confederacies
The Algonquins of the Northwest
Boon and the Long Hunters; and Their Hunting in No-man's-land
Sevier, Robertson, and the Watauga Commonwealth
Lord Dunmore's War
The Battle of the Great Kanawha; and Logan's Speech
Boon and the Settlement of Kentucky
The Southern Backwoodsmen Overwhelm the Cherokees
Growth and Civil Organization of Kentucky
From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi 1777-1783
The War in the Northwest
Clark's Conquest of the Illinois
Clark's Campaign Against Vincennes
Continuance of the Struggle in Kentucky
The Moravian Massacre
Kentucky Until the End of the Revolution
The Holston Settlements
King's Mountain
Robertson Founds the Cumberland Settlement
What the Westerners Had Done During the Revolution
The Founding of the Trans- Alleghany Commonwealths 1784-1790
The Inrush of Settlers
The Indian Wars
The Navigation of the Mississippi Separatist Movements and Spanish Intrigues
Kentucky's Struggle for Statehood
The War in the Northwest…

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