Declaration of Independence & U.S. Constitution (Including the Bill of Rights and All Amendments)

eBook: Declaration of Independence & U.S. Constitution (Including the Bill of Rights and All Amendments)

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The 'Declaration of Independence & U.S. Constitution,' including the Bill of Rights and all amendments, stands as a seminal collection in the annals of American and global political philosophy. Compiled from essential documents that rooted the very foundation of the United States, this anthology encapsulates the revolutionary ideals of liberty, equality, and governance. The range of political rhetoric, persuasive literary styles, and the depth of constitutional thought in these texts reflect the extraordinary historical context from which the fledgling republic emerged. It highlights significant documents that have each served as a cornerstone in the architecture of American legal and civic life. The contributors, iconic figures such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, bring a diverse set of personal beliefs, backgrounds, and visionary ideals to this compilation. Their writings not only influenced the early American political landscape but also continue to impact democratic ideals worldwide. Collectively, their works embody the Enlightenment's spirit and the complex shifts toward democratic governance, showcasing a profound narrative of human rights development and governmental structure. For scholars, students, and enthusiasts of political science, history, and law, this collection offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with the primary sources that shaped a nation. Within this volume lies a rich dialogue between the architects of American democracy, presenting an invaluable exploration of the principles that continue to influence global democracy. It serves as an educational cornerstone, enriching one's understanding of political evolution and the enduring power of written words in shaping society.

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