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The title story is a short story by Jack London, on the subject of extreme antipathy. The unnamed protagonist of the story has an irrational hatred of John Claverhouse, the moon-face man. He hates really everything about him: his face, his laugh, his entire life, and when he finds out that Claverhouse engages in illegal fishing with dynamite, he works out a scheme to kill him while making it look like an accident...
The Leopard Man's Story is a short mystery story about the ingenious murder of "King" Wallace, a fearless lion-tamer as told by the "Leopard Man", a saddened leopard trainer who bears visible scars on his arms and whose personality diametrically opposes his daring profession.
Other stories included are: Local Color, Amateur Night, The Minions of Midas, The Shadow and the Flash, All Gold Canyon, and Planchette.

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