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New Worlds for Old, which appeared in some later editions with the subtitle "A Plain Account of Modern Socialism," was one of several books and pamphlets that H.G. Wells wrote about the socialist future in the period 1901-1908, while he was engaged in an effort to reform the Fabian Society.
Chapter I. The Good Will in Man
Chapter II. The Fundamental Idea of Socialism
Chapter III. The First Main Generalization of Socialism
Chapter IV. The Second Main Generalization of Socialism
Chapter V. The Spirit of Gain and the Spirit of Service
Chapter VI. Would Socialism Destroy the Home?
Chapter VII. Would Modern Socialism Abolish All Property?
Chapter VIII. The Middle-Class Man, the Business Man, and Socialism
Chapter IX. Some Common Objections to Socialism
Chapter X. Socialism a Developing Doctrine
Chapter XI. Revolutionary Socialism
Chapter XII. Administrative Socialism
Chapter XIII. Constructive Socialism
Chapter XIV. Some Arguments Ad Hominem
Chapter XV. The Advancement of Socialism
Herbert George "H. G." Wells (1866 – 1946) was an English writer, now best known for his work in the science fiction genre. He was also a prolific writer in many other genres, including contemporary novels, history, politics and social commentary, even writing textbooks and rules for war games. Wells was now considered to be one of the world's most important political thinkers and during the 1920s and 30s he was in great demand as a contributor to newspapers and journals.

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