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Über das eBook

As Cuckold (also known as Cucki, Cuck or Cux) is especially in the BDSM scene called a man who gains sexual pleasure in a solid partnership or love relationship through the intimate contact of his partner with other men (cheating). The cuckold may prefer dominant, voyeuristic, masochistic and / or submissive behavior. Similarly, a woman who gains sexual pleasure through the intimate contact of her male partner with other women is called a cuckqueen.

When Wifesharer and his partner in sexual intercourse is not a priori an imbalance, although some Wifesharer is dominated more dominant. Sexual activity usually takes place together. During sexual intercourse, the Wifesharer forms a threesome together with a male and a partner, in some cases the Wifesharer watches and enjoys the erotic situation with or without masturbation. In some partnerships, the Wifesharer determines the woman's sexual partner. In rare cases, the Wifesharer also accepts meeting his partner with another man without him. Wifesharer usually feel no jealousy.

The man called in is either a house friend with whom the couple regularly or occasionally travels, or it is changing acquaintances to whom the couple has contact only once or a few times.

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Über den Autor

Gloria Hole has been living in several towns for many years. She worked there as a whore. To this day, she makes the hearts of the men beat faster.

With great sensitivity, she understands how to pass on her experiences to young men. She is known as a teacher for young men who want to learn the arts of love.

With a lot of passion and genuine desire, she is part of it and is still pursuing her old profession as a hobby. Many men have lost their innocence.

She is not a professional writer. Rather, it is a private concern to let other people participate in these sex stories or even to encourage themselves to become active.

Meanwhile, she had written many sex stories about and for sexual open-minded people. Sex and erotic short stories in English, from 18 years, are their great passion. Especially from the areas: Analsex, Groupsex, Cuckold, Femdom, Outdoorsex, Swingersex, Wifesharing, Dirty Talk, Milf and Omasex. For her there is no taboo. She also likes to write about mature men and young women, school girls (the girls are over 18), the first time sex, outgoings, fling and lesbian love.

Erotic must be porn, uncensored and hardcore for her. Written in a clear and expressive language. Sex stories must be like a porn for the head to the reader. This is exactly what is going on in my sex books. Erotic books the man and woman make sharp.

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