The Nose by Nikolai Gorgol (Book Analysis)

eBook: The Nose by Nikolai Gorgol (Book Analysis)

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<b>Unlock the more straightforward side of <i>The Nose</i> with this concise and insightful summary and analysis!

This engaging summary presents an analysis of
<i>The Nose</i> by Nikolai Gogol, the entertaining and absurd story of a self-centred man whose nose disappears one day, stripping him of his social ranking and dignity, and leaving him desperately search for his missing body part. This early example of absurd literature tackles various themes surrounding social status in Russian society, making it a fascinating and entertaining read. Gogol is considered a pioneer of literary realism and more than 135 films have been made that are based on his work.

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<i>The Nose</i> in a fraction of the time!

<b><i>This in-depth and informative reading guide brings you:
</i></b>- A complete plot summary

- Character studies

- Key themes and symbols

- Questions for further reflection

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