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Age: 8-9 years old  Reading Level: 3rd gradeThe best illustrated fairytales for children!Once upon a time, in a far away land lived a king and a queen who wanted to have children. Thus, they were delighted when the queen gave birth to a little girl. They named her Aurora and threw a big party for her christening, to which they invited the kingdom fairies. Unfortunately, a very old and very mean fairy had not been invited et decided to get her revenge by cursing the little princess...The collection "Once Upon a Time" offers a new and richly illustrated version of the most famous fairytales.EXCERPTOnce upon a time, there lived a king and a queen who wished for a child of their own for a long time. So when the queen gave birth to a beautiful princess, they were very happy.They invited important guests and all the fairies of the kingdom to their castle for a celebration in honour of the child’s birth.One after the other, as godmother, the fairies looking at the new born princess, gave her gifts of beauty, grace, goodness, and intelligence.But the king and queen had forgotten to invite the wicked fairy...In the same collection:• Thumbelina• The Ugly Duckling• The Brave Little Tailor• The Tin Soldier• The Musicians of Bremen• Hansel and Gretel• Three Little Pigs• Beauty and the Beast• Goldilocks and the 3 Bears• The Little Thumb• Puss in Boots• Little Red Riding Hood• Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs• Cinderella• Peter Pan

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