The Forsyte Saga (Golden Deer Classics)

eBook: The Forsyte Saga (Golden Deer Classics)

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This volume contains the three trilogies of the amazing FORSYTE SAGA, by John Galsworthy, English novelist and playwright who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1932, mostly for these series of books that we now present in one volume.


The Forsyte Saga
Book 1- The Man of Property
Book 2 - Indian Summer Of A Forsyte
Book 3 - In Chancery
Book 4 - Awakening
Book 5 - To let

A Modern Comedy [Second Trilogy of the Forsyte Saga]
Book 1 - The White Monkey
Book 2 - The Silver Spoon
Book 3 - Swan Song

End of the Chapter [Third Trilogy of the Forsyte Saga
Book 1 - Maid in Waiting
Book 2 - Flowering Wilderness
Book 3 - Over the River (One More River)

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