Collected Short Stories

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The collection includes the famous stories about Sherlock Holmes, the brilliant detective. Sherlock Holmes, the common man, often lying around, rereading favorite books, the best detective in England. Sherlock Holmes, possessor of an incredible mind, and strength, will surprise you not once, not giving you time to realize the complexity and mystery of the crime and the quickness of its opening. There are 4 Novels and 43 Short Stories. When Sherlock Holmes begins investigating the mystery of a dropped hat and Christmas goose, little does he suspect that such a trivial thing will lead to a much larger mystery. When the goose is cleaned, its crop is found to contain the Blue Carbuncle, a recently stolen gemstone of great value. So, what Holmes needs to find out is how the stone got from its rightful owner to the goose, and who took it. The game is afoot once again!

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