Dana and the search for the forgotten continent

ebook: Dana and the search for the forgotten continent

Sprache - Sonstige

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About the eBook

Dana and her friends did it. You can now leave the mountain. The barrier has disappeared thanks to their efforts.
But before she can search for her people, she must unravel the mystery of the Demon Lord.
He knew the secret to travel through time and to bring the most diverse living beings from there. So she sets out with Gomek and her little fairy Shari to find the fortress of Tzeentch and to explore its mysteries.
She comes to the aid of Ses, who stands by her side to help and advise.
But there are new questions that can only be answered by the dwarves of the Dragon Mountain.
Now they are leaving their home to travel to Scotland to the Dragon Mountain. After many adventures with the dwarfs, Dana finally gets the long-awaited pointer, where she could find the time magician Maschgart. You must now find the forgotten continent - your old home. The continent disappeared mysteriously thousands of years ago.
She must necessarily find Maschgart. He is urgently needed to help her with the time travel problem. Finally, she wants to reunite her people.

About the Author

Томас Л. Хантер родился в прекрасном Шлезвиг-Голштейне в 1958 году. После успешного окончания детского сада и школы началось время обучения. Затем позвало его море к себе,оттуда проявилась навсегда его фантазия и склонность к приключениям.И спустя несколько лет, начал сам писать.Он всегда умел хорошо рассказывать,так что в конце концов и перенёс на бумагу свой первый роман в жанре фантази.

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Publisher: Hunter Verlag

Genre: Sprache - Sonstige

Language: rus

Size: 260 Pages

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ISBN: 9783958494961