True Crime - Ultimate Collection of Real Life Murders & Mysteries

ebook: True Crime - Ultimate Collection of Real Life Murders & Mysteries

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This carefully edited collection of true crime cases has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Content: The Secret of the Moat Farm The Murder on Yarmouth Sands The Great Bank of England Frauds The Trial of the Seddons Herbert Armstrong - Poisoner The Suburban Lothario Excerpt: "There is no more dangerous criminal than a small larcenist who has escaped the consequence of his offences, through, as he believes, his own dexterity and skill. Having this good opinion of himself, he progresses from crime to crime, until there comes a moment when he finds no other escape from the consequences of his meanness and folly than the destruction of a human life which, as he believes, stands between himself and freedom. And so confident is he in his own genius for evasion that he will plan the most diabolical of crimes, perfectly satisfied in his mind that the success which has attended the commission of minor offences will not desert his efforts to evade the penalty of his supreme villainy." Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was an English writer. As well as journalism, Wallace wrote screen plays, poetry, historical non-fiction, 18 stage plays, 957 short stories and over 170 novels, 12 in 1929 alone. More than 160 films have been made of Wallace's work.

About the Author

Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was a prolific British writer and journalist, who, over an incredibly prolific career, authored hundreds of novels, plays, and articles. Known for his detective and crime thrillers, Wallace's literary style was typified by fast-paced narratives and a masterful employment of suspense that has enamored readers worldwide. With an impressive output, Wallace laid down some of the foundational tropes of 20th-century crime fiction which remain influential to this day. His work 'True Crime - Ultimate Collection of Real Life Murders & Mysteries' is indicative of his profound interest in the criminal mind and the intricacies of detective work. Brimming with factual accuracy and thrilling accounts, this compendium exemplifies Wallace's fascination with the darker aspects of human nature and his skill in portraying them. Wallace's life was as vibrant as his career; despite his humble beginnings, he became an intelligence officer during the Boer War, an experience that informed much of his later writing. His legacy includes the creation of 'King Kong,' which was adapted to the screen posthumously, and has inspired countless adaptations and references in popular culture. His contributions to the genre have made him one of the most read and translated authors in the world, securing his place in the pantheon of great crime writers.

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