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Quo Vadis is a historical novel written by Henryk Sienkiewicz. "Quo vadis, Domine?" is Latin for "Where are you going, Lord?" and appears in Chapter 69 of the novel in a retelling of a story from the apocryphal Acts of Peter, in which Peter flees Rome but, on his way, meets Jesus and asks him why he is going to Rome. Jesus says, "If thou desertest my people, I am going to Rome to be crucified a second time", which shames Peter into going back to Rome to accept martyrdom.

About the Author

Henryk Sienkiewicz (1846–1916) was a Polish novelist and a colossus of literary prowess in the realm of historical fiction. He gained immense international acclaim during his lifetime, notably for his magnum opus, 'Quo Vadis' (1896), a captivating portrayal of early Christian society under Nero's tyranny in ancient Rome. This masterwork not only secured him a global readership but also contributed significantly to him being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1905 'because of his outstanding merits as an epic writer.' Sienkiewicz's literary style is characterized by a grand narrative scope, vivid characterization, and a deep reverence for the power of individual virtues. Often, his writings were employed to inspire Polish nationalism, offering solace and a sense of pride to his countrymen during periods of foreign occupation and political upheaval. While 'Quo Vadis' remains his most celebrated title - having been translated into multiple languages and adapted for film and television - Sienkiewicz's Trilogy, comprising 'With Fire and Sword' (1884), 'The Deluge' (1886), and 'Fire in the Steppe' (1888), further showcases his extraordinary gift for dramatizing Poland's 17th-century struggles against foreign powers. Sienkiewicz's works continue to be studied and admired for their epic scope, rich details, and emotional depth, cementing his legacy as a titan of historical literature.

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