Fictional heritage

ebook: Fictional heritage

Sprache - Sonstige

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The two brothers' fictional criminals that they wrote in German in 1812 AD, the series is the origin of the tales of Walt Disney films, which are popular in these days, which the young and old loved. The series is considered one of the most important sources of these tales and is primarily suitable, such as bedtime, before bed. The Golden Bird - The Lucky Hans - Gurinda and Jordl - The Standard Player - The Old Sultan - Straw, Champion and Beans - Wild Rose - Dog and Bird - Displaced Princesses Ten - Al -Sayyad and his wife - Al -Nimma and Al -Dab - Prince of the frog - Partnership between a cat and mouse - the shepherd of the geese - the adventures of Chanticler Partlett - Rabunsel - Vandewogle - The Breedy Little Tail

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