Fictional heritage

ebook: Fictional heritage

Sprache - Sonstige

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About the eBook

In the events of this interesting novel, we take a look at an exciting world where the fate of three surprising characters intersects: Captain "Martin", his friend "George Wekham", and his wife "Lydia". They were on their way to a dance party in "Pimberly", but things take an unexpected turn. In the depths of the forest, a feverish argument occurs between the two friends, making them flee from the cart and fight in the midst of events. Suddenly, shouts are trees in the air. What are the secrets of this mysterious crime? Is it really killed "Wikham" his friend "Martin"? This novel will not only take you on a journey to solve this deadly puzzle, but will reveal to you different worlds of human relations and emotional motives, and will draw a bright painting for you on the life of society in "Pimberly". Dip in this exciting world and taste every moment of suspense and immersion!

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Publisher: Al-Mashreq eBookstore

Genre: Sprache - Sonstige

Language: ara

Size: 210 Pages

Filesize: 789.1 KB

ISBN: 9780463957639