This is how Zoroaster spoke: a book for everyone and no one

ebook: This is how Zoroaster spoke: a book for everyone and no one

Sprache - Sonstige

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Nietzsche is one of the most important philosophers of Europe in the modern era; Where his ideas have been nourishing political, intellectual, economic and moral currents so far, and its influence has extended to a number of East thinkers, such as; "Farah Anton", "Marcus Faraj", and "Salama Musa" who adopted his philosophical vision. "Nietzsche" summarized his philosophical ideas in his book: "This is how Zoroaster spoke", which he said was "a vestibule with his philosophy." This book is truly a sign of German philosophy, although more than a hundred years have passed since its authorship, but its ideas still have a great release; To the extent that some are considered one of the greatest books in the history of mankind. The ideas of this book have influenced several humanitarian areas such as war, politics, and art; For example: Some of the soldiers in the First World War put it in their bags, and some see that his thoughts about the "superior man" represented the basis on which the Nazi ideology was based and ignited the Second World War. The impact of this book also extended to the artworks, the most prominent of which was the piece of the musician "Richard Strauss", which bore the same name of the book, and the movie "Odyssea Space" by "Stanley Cubrick"

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