Don Quixote

ebook: Don Quixote

Sprache - Englisch

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About the eBook

Join the legendary Don Quixote on his comical and adventurous journey across Spain with the Kindle edition of Don Quixote. Written by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, this classic novel tells the story of a man who, driven mad by chivalric romances, sets out to become a knight-errant and right wrongs. This novel is not only an entertaining adventure story, but also a brilliant satire on the culture of chivalry and the societal issues of its time. The story of Don Quixote and his loyal squire, Sancho Panza, will make you laugh, cry and reflect on the human nature and its flaws. This Kindle edition is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the story and to discover the works of one of the most popular and influential classic authors of all time.

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Publisher: HB Classics

Genre: Sprache - Englisch

Language: English

Size: 200 Pages

Filesize: 2.1 MB

ISBN: 9782380376135