Harvard Classics (All 20 Volumes in One Edition)

ebook: Harvard Classics (All 20 Volumes in One Edition)

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The Harvard Classics anthology, comprising all 20 volumes in a single edition, stands as a monumental collection that encompasses an unmatched breadth of the Western literary canon. This volume unfolds an extraordinary panorama of literary styles, from the intricate psychological novels of the 19th century to the foundational texts of modern storytelling. It transcends geographical and temporal boundaries to include works by pivotal figures such as Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy, and Jane Austen, alongside seminal pieces from Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain. This collection not only underlines the diversity and complexity of human experience but also showcases landmark contributions to literary genres, ranging from romanticism to realism and beyond, underlining the universal themes of love, conflict, and the quest for identity. The contributing authors, a veritable who's who of the literary landscape from across Europe and America, bring with them not just their unique voices but also the contexts of their times, offering a tapestry of cultural and historical perspectives. These writers, from the romantic agony of Jane Austen and George Sand to the social narratives of Charles Dickens and George Eliot, from the American transcendentalism of Nathaniel Hawthorne to the realism of Ivan Turgenev, collectively reflect a myriad of literary movements. Their works, borne out of different epochs and ideologies, converge in this collection to chart the evolution of literary thought and its response to societal shifts, effectively framing the anthology as a critical discourse on human morality, societal structures, and personal introspection. This edition of the Harvard Classics is an indispensable resource for readers seeking to immerse themselves in the wealth of human experiences and philosophical enquiries that literature offers. It promises an expansive journey through the minds of some of the world's most celebrated writers, providing not just entertainment but profound insights. Scholars, students, and avid readers alike will find in this collection a gateway to exploring the depths of literary artistry and the myriad ways in which literature has shaped, and been shaped by, humanity's collective history and consciousness.

About the Author

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (1832–1910) was a towering figure in Norwegian literature and a central member of the Scandinavian cultural renaissance of the late 19th century. A novelist, playwright, poet, and journalist, Bjørnson is best remembered for his spirited storytelling, nationalist themes, and commitment to social reform. His varied literary style embraced both realism and naturalism, and his works often explored the struggles of ordinary people, the tensions between individual desires and societal expectations, and the love of his native country, Norway. Beyond literature, Bjørnson was also a prominent public figure who received the 1903 Nobel Prize in Literature for his 'distinguished lyrical writing, which has inspired his countrymen.' Though Harvard Classics does not entirely encapsulate Bjørnson's oeuvre, it is indicative of his influence on European literature. One of his key contributions, 'Synnøve Solbakken,' is a seminal piece that introduced the peasant novel genre, characteristically blending romantic nationalism with pastoral themes. Bjørnson's work in 'Harvard Classics' stands alongside other literary stalwarts, ensuring his legacy remains influential in the cannon of Western literature.

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