Twenty Tales by Twenty Women

ebook: Twenty Tales by Twenty Women

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About the eBook

Twenty Tales by Twenty Women is a collection of twenty short stories telling the tales of Chicago slums and ghetto and the position of a women in America.
Table of Contents:
A Woman's Anguish
The Diary of a Chicago Girl
The Life Story of a Southern Widow
A Story of the Chicago Ghetto
A Woman of Thirty-eight
A Forecast
A Daughter of Proud Kentucky
My Lover's Bequest
The Victim of a Drug
What Happened to a Girl Who Flirted
Sold at a Fixed Price
A Story of Suicide Bridge
Two Babes and Two Mothers
Not Guilty
My Lover's Daughter
As Told to a Clergyman
A Story of Stage Life
A Trip Across the Lake
One Woman's Way
A Story of the Levee
A Scientific Phenomenon

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