Memoirs of Major Alexander Ramkins (1718)

ebook: Memoirs of Major Alexander Ramkins (1718)

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The Memoirs of Alexander Ramkins is a memoir of a hardworking and impressive military officer deserving of high praise. Excerpt: "I was not above Seventeen Years of Age when the Battle of Gillycranky was fought between the Two Highland Generals, the Lord Viscount Dundee and Mackay. And being then a Stripling at the University of Aberdeen and understanding that several Clans were gathering into a Body in defense of King James III sold my Books and Furniture of my Lodgings, and equipped myself to observe the Martial Call, I found myself prompted with."

About the Author

Daniel Defoe (c. 1660 – 24 April 1731) was an English writer, journalist, and spy, now most famously known for his novel 'Robinson Crusoe'. Defoe is considered one of the earliest proponents of the English novel and has been lauded for his remarkable range of writing, extending to economics, crime, ghost stories, and political writing. Defoe's work in journalism, including 'The Review', which he founded in 1704, showcased his radical and independent thinking, establishing his position as a significant figure within the literary community of the early 18th century. His book 'Memoirs of Major Alexander Ramkins (1718)' is a testament to his narrative skill and historical interest. The volume is a supposed autobiographical account that blends truth with fiction, a characteristic method in Defoe's approach to literature, where he frequently blurred the lines between reality and imagination, thereby contributing to the novel's rise as a literary form. His literary style often embodied the first-person perspective and detailed real-life experiences, which created convincing and engaging narratives that captivated readers then as they do now. Defoe's knack for mingling historical facts with fiction in an accessible language paved the way for the novelistic tradition that would bloom in the centuries to follow.

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