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"Anabasis" (from the Greek "expedition") is the most famous work of the Ancient Greek professional soldier and writer Xenophon. The book tells about the expedition of a large army of Greek mercenaries hired by Cyrus the Younger to help him seize the throne of Persia from his brother, Artaxerxes II, in 401 BC.

About the Author

Xenophon, born around 430 BCE in Athens, was an ancient Greek historian, soldier, mercenary, and a disciple of Socrates. He is best known for his work 'Anabasis,' which recounts the adventures of the Ten Thousand, a large Greek mercenary force that he led on their perilous return journey from Persia to Greece after their employer, Cyrus the Younger, met his end in the Battle of Cunaxa in 401 BCE. Not only is 'Anabasis' a gripping military tale and an invaluable historical account of the period, but it also serves as an early example of autobiographical literature, casting light on Xenophon's thoughts and leadership qualities. His prose is straightforward and functional, exemplifying the Attic style, and his works have been studied over the centuries for their historical and philosophical significance. Aside from 'Anabasis,' Xenophon's body of work is diverse, including 'Hellenica,' which is a history of Greece from 411 to 362 BCE, and 'Cyropaedia,' a partly fictional account of Cyrus the Great. Other notable works are 'Memorabilia' and 'Oeconomicus,' where he discusses Socratic philosophy and domestic economy, respectively. His contribution to literature and history provided a rich source of information about classical Greece for both contemporary and modern scholars.

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