Symposion or The Banquet

ebook: Symposion or The Banquet

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The classic Socratic dialogue, "The Symposium," is about a dinner party with Socrates talking to a group of people, leading to a discussion that touches on several topics. Through this work, Xenophon teaches readers about Socrates' philosophy. The main themes include beauty and passion, wisdom, integrity, and laughter, which are prompted by Philippos, the jester, and the witty discourse of the dinner guests.

About the Author

Xenophon (circa 430-354 BCE) was an ancient Greek philosopher, historian, soldier, mercenary, and a disciple of Socrates. Born in Athens, his body of work is a rich source of information on the history and culture of classical Athens. Xenophon was known for his direct and simple style, which was quite different from the often elaborate and poetic narratives of his contemporaries, making his work valuable for its clear historical accounts. His literary contributions include a wide range of subjects, including history, Socratic dialogues, and technical treatises. 'Symposion' or 'The Banquet' is one of Xenophon's notable Socratic works, providing insight into the intellectual atmosphere of Athens and the life and personality of Socrates. Unlike Plato's account of a similar banquet, Xenophon's narrative is livelier and less formal, reflecting the mores and entertainment of a symposium among friends. Xenophon's other well-known works include 'Anabasis', a recounting of his experience as a mercenary and leader of the Ten Thousand, and 'Cyropaedia', a fictional account of Cyrus the Great's education that serves as a study in leadership and governance. His works not only preserve the legacy of Socrates but also provide a valuable primary source for understanding the socio-political world of ancient Greece.

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