On the City Wall

ebook: On the City Wall

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'On the City Wall' is a short story written by Rudyard Kipling, a British author best-remembered today for his novel, 'The Jungle Book'. The story centers on Lalun, a beautiful and talented woman, who lives and entertains along the city way of Lahore, India. Visited by many men, one named Wali Dad is especially friendly. Wali Dad has had an English education and feels uncomfortably placed between the European and English worlds. As the story continues, the reader gets an introduction to a leader Khem Singh, someone who may disrupt British rule in India.

About the Author

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), a prolific British author and poet, is renowned for his profound impact on English literature. Born in Bombay, British India, his early exposure to different cultures profoundly influenced his literary work. Kipling is often celebrated for his short stories and poems, as well as for his novels that captivated the imaginations of readers with tales of adventure and the complexities of colonial society. His writing style is known for its vivid imagery, mastery of language, and deep understanding of human nature. An emblematic example of his short stories is 'On the City Wall,' which showcases Kipling's skillful narrative technique and his engagement with colonial themes. Kipling's most significant contributions to literature include 'The Jungle Book' (1894), 'Kim' (1901), and the poem 'If—' (1910). His works often reflected the ambivalent perspectives on the British Empire, with a blend of critique and romanticism. In 1907, Kipling received the Nobel Prize in Literature, becoming the first English language writer to be so honored. His works continue to be celebrated for their complexity, innovation in storytelling, and exploration of moral and social issues within the context of empire and globilization.

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